Conrad Lutz specimen color issue

The color of the Conrad Lutz specimen in Volume V turned out to be a big problem. I couldn’t photograph it at the University of Delaware due to the tight binding and page curvature, and the one at the Library of Congress had been excised from their copy of Volume V. The University of Michigan sent the image used in the book, which has a dark blue background. Then I acquired a copy of Vol. V, only to discover that the Lutz specimen had a matte dark green-blue or teal background – quite different from the image received from UMI and admittedly very difficult to capture, as it appears to change tone depending on the light and viewing angle. I had foolishly neglected to take a reference snapshot at the University of Delaware, but after checking with other owners of the volume and with UMI to verify that Lutz didn’t print his run on two or more different color grounds, I concluded that the dark teal was the correct (and only) color. Unfortunately, it was too late to make the change at the printer, so that correction will have to wait for a possible second printing. In the mean time, here are web-quality images of this remarkable specimen as shown in my book and one closer to the actual color.

as shown in book:

corrected to approximate color of actual specimen:

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